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Third week without a connection. A week without any updates!


Third week without a connection. A week without any updates!

Howdy all,

I'm pretty much at a loss as what to do just now. I've been a customer since the days of Force9, and have never had any problems with PlusNet until three weeks ago.

One morning I found my modem was no longer synced to the exchange, so I rebooted, left it and went to work. That night, still no joy, so I left a problem voicemail as the 0845 number asks. Next day, I got a helpful email telling me I'd been "sucessfully" moved to their new LLU network... :shock:

Anyway, my voicemail went unacknowledged for five days (it was only when I phoned to check up on them that they got on the case!). Later in the week, still no updates. Finally someone told me it was a Tiscali problem. Ok, fine, I know there's problems within PlusNet just now and I'm not that impatient; I can wait five working days.

Well now it's been three full weeks without broadband, eleven working days since my problem was "escalated" with Tiscali and I have had zero response from PlusNet in a full seven days(!!).

I've currently been on hold for 1 hour 17 minutes (a mere 60 minutes over their estimated 17 minute average as shown online just now!).

Please, anyone, what on earth can I do to even get someone to look at my account? Cry