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Thanks to BT, my 2mbit is being downgraded to 0.5mbit


Thanks to BT, my 2mbit is being downgraded to 0.5mbit

I signed up for PlusNet a little over two weeks ago, I think. I quickly got an email back saying that yes, my line was ok for 2mbit DSL. Hooray. I got another email about a week later saying that my DSL was activated. I tried to use it but it wasn't working -- the "DSL" light on the modem just kept blinking. After a few calls to PlusNet, they passed it on to BT. BT called me and said that it was a line fault and that I should call PlusNet and set up an engineering appointment. So I called PlusNet a couple days ago and left a message with their engineers. No response. Called back again yesterday. No response. So I called again today and the person I spoke to said that it was a "long line problem" with BT and that my connection would probably have to be downgraded from 2mbit to 0.5mbit.

I'm absolutely livid. Is there any way I can bypass this nonsense and get a decent DSL connection? I live in a new apartment/tower block (built in 2002, I think) in London and it seems insane that I can't get anything better than .5mbit DSL here. Is there any point in complaining to BT? It's not as if I can threaten to switch companies since BT owns all the lines (as I understand it anyway).

I don't think the building I'm in has cable, so I can't get Telewest (which I loved at my old flat) or any other cablemodem provider. Is there a site I can go to and find out exactly what is available to me? And if this is a BT issue, does that mean I'm screwed no matter what DSL provider I sign up with? I use broadband for work and I probably wouldn't have moved here if I knew I'd be stuck with .5mbit. But once I got that email from PlusNet saying that my line tested for 2, I foolishly assumed that I'd, you know, be able to get 2.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Thanks to BT, my 2mbit is being downgraded to 0.5mbit

You can look at altho thats just a rough guide to go off rather than anything else.
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Thanks to BT, my 2mbit is being downgraded to 0.5mbit

It would help your case if you had some line stats - downstream attenuation and SNR are the usual ones.
Most routers provide these, but if your modem doesn't, , then you can ask Pn to do a woosh test for you to get these figures (you'll need to ask them to make sure and get both figures) Then if they are within the recognised limits for 2Mb, you can push to get the line upgraded. (check out the tutorial on Line stats for the detail)

If the figures don't look good, you might try reporting a line fault and gtting BT out to look at it. There's a risk this way that they'll charge you, but in my view it's better than just accepting it.

Thanks to BT, my 2mbit is being downgraded to 0.5mbit

I looked around on my modem (Voyager 205) for line stats but didn't come up with much. Or at least not much that looked useful. On the "DSL Parameters and Status" page, it returned lots of "0" and "-" which doesn't help me very much. Can anyone make sense of my results? All of those 0.0dB results make me think the test isn't even working properly.

Also, it may be my crappy phone (although it never did this at my old flat) or my imagination, but my voice calls sound more quiet than usual. Is that indicative of a potential line fault?

DSL Parameters and Status
Vendor ID: 00B5GSPN
Revision Number: Y1921a
Serial Number: 123456789abcdx
Local Tx Power: 0.0 dB
Remote Tx Power: 0.0 dB
Local Line Atten.: 0.5 dB
Remote Line Atten.: 0.5 dB
Local SNR Margin: 0.0 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 0.0 dB
Self Test: Passed
DSL Standard: T1.413
Trellis Coding: Disable
Framing Structure: Framing-0
Config Data Up Down
Intrlvd Fast Intrlvd Fast
AS0(kbps): - - 0 0
AS1(kbps): - - 0 0
LS0(kbps): 0 0 - -
LS1(kbps): 0 0 - -
RValue: 0 0 0 0
SValue: 0 0
DValue: 0 0

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