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Thank you plusnet....

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Thank you plusnet....

for helping to improve our connection. We have suffered with very poor throughput, most noticeably for the last couple of months. However, we didn't raise a ticket on this until a couple of days ago. Speed tests showed great throughput direct to BT but when plusnet were added to the equation the throughput was MUCH less than half. This time last weekend we were only getting half a meg.

Plusnet have changed our line profile and I have just run 5 or 6 speedtests both directly to BT and also through and and the throughput is near 4mb. We have to monitor for the next 72 hours but results are already looking good according to speed tests run at peak times.

Just like to say thank you for fixing this so quickly and renewing our faith in you as our ISP. Thank you.