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Thank you plusnet, but need help


Thank you plusnet, but need help

Thank you so much for my broadband connection. I was the campaigner for my area and was so desperate for broadband Smiley

You said that I would be on tomorrow after 12pm, yet you have put such a smile on my face by connecting me a day earlier Smiley Your help is also much appreciated whilst i was asking about ADSL.

One thing I'm stuck with, I'm on a 1mb connection and have tried the speed download test and it states that i should be getting at least 920 but im only hitting 850 max, is this usual? I've followed all the settings in the guides.

I'm going through a Netgear dg834 router.

Any help would be most appreciated and thank you again.
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Thank you plusnet, but need help

You need to take a look at 'tweaking' - I won't go into it here, but there is a thread on this board relating to this and I'm sure the epxerts in this area (Unlike Me) will be happy to assist.