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Thank you Plusnet / F9

Posts: 23
Registered: 06-09-2007

Thank you Plusnet / F9

A while back I had a pop at plusnet and BT not talking to each other, and
screwing up ADSL accounts, this was mainly brought on by frustration of
seeing the ADSL light active on my router and not being able to use the
service for the best part of a month.

Well tonight I finaly got sorted by Mike Grice from plusnet and I would just
like to say thanks to Mike and the rest of the plusnet team, It was a long
slog but worth it in the end.

For all those that slag off Plusnet / F9 alls I can say is there support
staff are good and dont fob you off with the usual ***** .............. Nice
one lads happy I signed up with you.