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Telephone splitters


Telephone splitters

Hey guys, bought a new cordless telephone today (old one was looking a bit outdated you know) and i get 'noise' on the line from my ADSL connection and internet fails to work when its in use. The ADSL from the router go's through an extension cable via a microfilter then a splitter in the socket.

Funny thing is it worked fine with the old phone, so my question is first of all why is this the case and secondly do i just need a better quality splitter and if so where?

Thanks in advance guys, got me puzzled!
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Telephone splitters

Hi there,

Not sure if I understand you correctly but it sounds like you may have 'double-filtered' the line. Check out the wiring guides here:
You can purchased BT approved filters like the one here.

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Telephone splitters

DECT digital cordless phones are known to cause problems with some makes of microfilter. I assume the base unit is connection to your wallsocket via a microfilter. If not, this is your problem.

2 microfilters that do work with DECT phones are the Excelsus Z-420UK-A Dynamic ADSL Microfilter or the XF-1e Professional ADSL Microfilter

Telephone splitters

Can you describe your setup in more detail. I need to know where your phone is connected, and where the filters are in relation to the extension.

Your setup sounds something like mine, where I have the router upstairs on an extension, but my phones and sky downstairs. I have two filters and 2 spliters. The spliter on the master socket, connects one to the extension and one to a filter. The phone and sky connect via a spliter to the filter.
The extension is not filtered at the master socket, but rather at the end where the router connects.