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Telephone Woe

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Telephone Woe

Hi All

Please follow this link to understand my issue.

Has anyone out there got a solution?

Keep smiling Tongue

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Telephone Woe

Yes what a tail of woe Shockedops:

All I can suggest is similar to the Adsl forum in that you just try one filter on the master socket with one phone and your pc to it .

If this doesn't work borrow a know working filter and try that .
If it still doesn't work nip next door and borrow their phone and try that.
If it still doesn't work then I think its a call to BT.
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Telephone Woe

Unscrew the face plate on the master socket and use the 'test' socket inside, using a single micro filter, this way you can be doubly sure that any hardwired extensions are discounted.