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Talk talk phone line - mac code delays


Talk talk phone line - mac code delays

My phone line is billed to Talk talk rather than BT.
My mac code is being delayed, preventing me from switching ISP.
IS anyone else in a similar position?
What's an acceptable time customers should have to wait for the mac code?
Who at Talk Talk could I be contacting if it's them who are causing the holdup?

I placed a my request to Plusnet for a mac code on 23rd January.

On 2nd February, plusnet support replied to my query to say

"Please note that it can take up to 7 days for the supplier to respond with your MAC key."

On 23rd February I get the meassage:
"We've successfully placed an order for your MAC Key with our supplier.

As soon as we have this we'll let you know. Please check this Ticket again shortly for an update."

On 25th February i get the message:
"Putting on hold for another 24 hours.

The next action on your Help Assistant Question is due on Monday 26th March at 9:00am. "

This will make over two months from my original request.

I don't get the impresssion that plusnet are particularly interested in getting this resolved. As a customer I don't feel valued.

I also noted this on the BBC news website:

Ofcom research suggests that 83% of those switching have a trouble-free experience though it did note that a "growing number" of consumers were being caught up in MAC-related wrangles.

An Ofcom spokesman urged people having a bad experience to tell the watchdog so it can log which firms are doing a poor job.