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Syncronisation problems


Syncronisation problems

I have problems with my ADSL connection. I have been using the AR11 router modem that came with my ADSL starter pack supplied by PlusNet towards the end of 2002.

The router has always been slow to synchronise. It usually takes about 4 minutes to sync. When synced the connection seems to be good. To get round the long sync. time I leave the router on permanently. Very occasionally it needs a reset but otherwise seems quite reliable.

Just recently I have been having big problems with the connection. It regularly drops out at about 8:00 pm and often does not come back until 8:00 am (obviously I don't check it all night but the router looses sync. and when I go to bed it is not sync'ed, I get up at 7:00 am and it has not sync'ed but by 8:00 it has).

The problem does occur outside of the above times, so I don't think it is not really time dependant. One evening I went out and when I came back the router had lost sync. while both the PC's were off.

When it will not sync. I have tried connecting the router to the main BT socket while disconnecting everything else from the telephone system but it shows no interest in sync'ing. I have also tried different filters to no effect.

I recently bought a new router/modem but I have not managed to get that to sync. let alone connect to PlusNet.

Anyone have similar problems?

Anyone got any suggestions?

Yes I have raised a ticket.
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Syncronisation problems

A couple of things.

After loss of sync have you tried to disconnect the router and leave it off the phone line for at least 30 minutes? This will force the card in the exchange to reset.

Have you any line figures available from your router? Many routers give a fair estimate of the line conditions. Usually available via the set up options.
This should hopefully tell the line losses and the SNR signal to noise ratio you have.

Syncronisation problems

Had exactly the same problem.

BT engi came. Swapped the physical line with a spare one - doubled the SNR ratio and it works like a charm now.

Hasn't lost sync once.