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Syncronisation Problems


Syncronisation Problems

Hi guys, if you could advise me on what to do here that would be great.

We have been having syncronisation problems since getting ADSL about 6 weeks ago. The connection drops irregulary between every few minutes to 48 hours. This morning for instance it must have lost syncronisation about 25 times.

What happens is the connection light on the BT Voyager 240 blinks and usually continues to blink until you do a combination of or one of the following:

+ Remove the phone from it's stand and act as if making a call and then placing it back
+ Switching the router on and off
+ Disconnecting a phone socket elsewhere in the house
+ Doing nothing (although this rarely works)

I have tried the following:

+ Replacing the microfilters
+ Unplugging everything but the microfilter and router
+ Unplugging the phone
+ Using an extension lead from downstairs to upstairs (wouldn't connect at all with that)

The phone lines are reasonably modern, as is the housing estate we are on. Our connection is fast. The connection is as follows. The main phone line comes into the house and this splits into two lines. One downstairs and one upstairs. Nothing is on the downstairs line at all. I have removed the fascia panels and all looks fine.

The only thing I can't do is try another router as I have recently moved and don't know anyone willing to lend me one. If the router looks to be the problem would PlusNet be willing to send another to test?

I have run the diagnostic tests tool on the router and get the following

Test the connection to your local network

Test your Ethernet Connection: PASS

Test the connection to your ADSL service provider
Test ADSL Synchronization: PASS
Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: PASS
Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: PASS
Test ATM OAM F4 segment ping: FAIL
Test ATM OAM F4 end-to-end ping: FAIL

Test the connection to your Internet service provider
Test PPP server connection: PASS
Test authentication with ISP: PASS
Test the assigned IP address: PASS
Ping default gateway: PASS
Ping primary Domain Name Server: PASS

And the ADSL Line Status

Statistics 	Downstream 	Upstream 	

Line Rate 1152 Kbps 288 Kbps
Noise Margin 3.0 dB 20.0 dB
Line Attenuation 62.0 dB 31.5 dB
Output Power 17.3 dBm 12.1 dBm
K 37 10
R 0 0
S 1 1
D 1 1
Super Frames 7645 7643
Super Frame Errors 665 0
RS Words 0 0
RS Correctable Errors 0 0
RS Uncorrectable Errors 0 0
HEC Errors 138 0
OCD Errors 0 0
LCD Errors 0 0
ES Errors 0 0


Tested Time 20
Total Transferred Bits 20866560
Total Error Bits 6928
Error Ratio 9.66e-06

Syncronisation was lost three times while writing this message, I'm going to have to go and lie down now because it's driving me crazy!
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Syncronisation Problems

Your stats are out of spec for an 1152 connection ,your only answer may be to report it as a fault to plusnet, go through their checklist ,and get an engineer sent out. It may be the only way to get a stable line is to downgrade to 512.

Syncronisation Problems

Thanks for the advice! Smiley