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Syncing at 6880Kb - what download speed should I expect?


Syncing at 6880Kb - what download speed should I expect?

My LLU connection is now consistently syncing around 6880Kb/672Kb. However, I am "only" seeing maximum download speeds of ~2700Kb on the PlusNet Speed Test page (and I have tried this at various times of day).

I raised an LLU ticket a few days ago and they have made some adjustments to my account, but speed has only increased from ~2000Kb to ~2700Kb.

I know I'm being greedy wanting more, but I was just wondering what sort of download speeds I should be seeing with a 6880Kb sync? Is it possible my hardware is limiting it? Or is there more that can be done at PlusNet's end?

Cheers for taking the time to read this!
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Syncing at 6880Kb - what download speed should I expect?

Hi Mygti

My sync rate reported by my router averages about 5900Kb with the PLusNet website giving me a reported stable of 5500Kb. My download speeds reported using the PlusNet Speed Test page come in at around 2200Kb.

I raised a ticket with PlusNet about this as it seemed strange. I was initially given what I think was a standard response, which included comments about training over the first 10 days of being maxed. As I had been maxed for a couple months I queried this. I was asked to do three BT speed tests which averaged out at about 2300Kb . PlusNet then told me that speeds of 2200Kb were

well within normal operational limits for a contended service

I queried this again as one of my tests was carried out at 7:45am on a Sunday but they seem to stand by the fact that 2200Kb is all I can expect.

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Syncing at 6880Kb - what download speed should I expect?

You can find info on data speeds versus synch rate here but be aware that even the BT Speedtester can't be relied on to show more than about 3.5Mbps and will quite often not show much more than 2Mbps even if contention is low and your synch rate high!

The only real test is downloading from a known good source