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Sync time


Sync time

A friend has just joined plusnet.

He has an adsl pci modem. When I bootup the PC the modem starts to sync with the exchange. This can take anything from 3 to 5 mins.

Before his line was activated I set everything up on my line and the sync took seconds.

According to the checker there isn't a problem with the exchange.

Can anyone suggest a cause for the delay?
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Sync time

Does it actually sync at the correct upload and download speeds? If the download speed is not 288Kbs it could indicate a bad line.

If you have a bad line or low SNR, it could be taking a while to stablish a reliable connection.

Or there could be a line fault or config issue with BT.

Have you tried connecting directly to the master socket? Also try directly to the test socket behing the user removable lower panel of the master socket.

Have you tried with no other phones, faxes, 56k modems and sky boxes plugged in anywhere in the house?

Have you tried a different microfilter or with no microflter at all?

Sync time

The modem icon in the task bar shows it is connected at 2Mb and a test on the adslguide confirmed this.

I have connected to the master socket with nothing else connected anywhere in the house.

I didn't have another microfilter with me but I did try it without and had the same problem.

I do not know how to connect to the test socket. I didn't see anything removable on the master socket.


Sync time

The test socket is behind the master socket. Does your socket have a split about 3/4 of the way down? and screws on either side?

If it does then you can remove the screws and you'll see the test socket. If it doesn't then either it's not the master socket or it's an old type. In which case BT should be able to upgrade it for you.