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Sync and faster broadband

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Sync and faster broadband

Do sync problems get worse when you increase your broadband speeds. I have just increased to 2mb, and now the i am losing sync every 10-15 mins. Never had the problem as bad on slower speeds. If it does get worse with speed increase how much will it cost to go back down to 512K Premier account where I didn't have the problem.

Sync and faster broadband

The simple answer is that yes, sync problems can get worse as you increase the sync speed on your line.

The process of sync is to setup the communications link and calculate the best frequencies for each bit of data being sent down your line.

Sync loss is caused by high rates of errors or the inabaility to use one of those frequencies to send data. The idea being that a resync takes place to resetup those frequencies to use.

On 1Mb, there are far more frequencies available for the signaling to take place. The idea being that it swaps low-quality frequencies, for some normaly used for 2Mb, in order to imrpove the quality.

In 2Mb, those borrowed frequencies are already used for the 2Mb itself, so it has to fallback to lower-quality ones.
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Re: Sync and faster broadband

Are you using a BT style faceplate filter, if not it might be worth trying one.

Does you router/modem report attenuation and SNR - what are they?

Sync and faster broadband

I hardly ever have any problems what soeer on my 2mb, one thing i can say is Plus net have always been reliable.