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Surfing by VPN


Surfing by VPN

I have broadband connections via PN both at work and at home using identical Zyxel routers. I can only get online from home by using VPN to activate remote desktop on the PC at work and then open a web browser . Any attempt to get online or collect emails from home directly just fails to download anything.
My modem remains in synch all the time and since the VPN uses my broadband connection via PN, that must be working correctly as well. The problem isn't related to just one machine as both home PC's can't download any web pages.
I've had occasional problems with the broadband connection over the past few months but this has now lasted over a week.
I opened a ticket with PN 5 days ago (20165292) but I have got fed up of waiting for a response from the support team.
Does anyone have any idea why I should be able to get online via the VPN only?
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Surfing by VPN

What options do you have picked in Control Panel/Internet Settings or Internet Options/Connection?

To get the web to work you may need to remove everthing from dial up and vpn box also don't set anything up under the title of lan leave it all as automatic.

if you have vpn set up here then that could be your problem.

I don't use vpn but I do know that evething works when these are the settings in the control panel.

Hope this helps.


Surfing by VPN

Thnanks for the tip but I haven't got anything in the dial up or VPN box on the internet connection configuration. The pc's are connected to the router as a LAN connection and have been working on and off without any changes to the settings. I suspect the problem is some sort of congestion issue as the problem usually only occured between 4pm and midnight when I understand traffic is at its greatest.