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Support Tickets


Support Tickets

Are these looked at regularly or just when someone happens to be passing?

I'm sorry but everything in the last few days (for me) has been as slow as Moses apart from taking my money for an upgrade.
I'm barely getting 1mbps out of my (up to) 8mbps and the only support ticket that has been answered is the one I managed to fix myself in the time I was waiting.

Needless to say that other than an automated "Thanks For Your Question" my request for a MAC key has been ignored.

I hate moaning but up until I requested the upgrade I was chuffed to bits with Plusnet but now I just feel as sick as a dog.

Support Tickets

All this stuff with mapping domain names to free webspace and calendars and all the other little gadgets are very nice and all that but I really just want to sit down at my computer and work and really not have to raise tickets and visit forums (and moan).
I don't want to have to "watch the clock" on everything.
Man alive it's 2007!