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Support Queue times > 30 Mins, CSC Appears Half Empty


Support Queue times > 30 Mins, CSC Appears Half Empty

Having had problems with the ADSL connection since it appears to have been upgraded to DSLMax (no official word that this has been done by PN yet, but my router is showing that the line is synced at 8Mbps)

Have been trying to call the CSC for the last two days, each time I get told that the queue time is somewhere between 30 and 40 miniutes. (Have tried at all times of day, cant afford to be tied to the phone for that kind of time).

Thought I would take a look at the CSC webcams, and the office appears to be half empty at 6pm (working on the basis that this is predictably one of their busiest times people getting home from work etc....) I would have thought that they would have their staffing levels set a bit higher, or are they slowly turning into Tiscali?

Finally got through whilst typing this message, asked about migrating away from PN due to breach of service, and was told as far as they are concerned although I am paying for the provision of ADSL, which I am at present not getting (or I do for a couple of miniutes at a time, but thats it). No breach of service has taken place as they do not guarantee the availability of the service.

So they can take my money, fail to provide the goods and I have no redress? How many other customers are having their money taken and not getting the service in return I wonder?

When I questioned the exessive Queue time I was told that they are growing rapidly (unable to cope with the increased number of customers?) and that they are taking action that will mean some queries can only be made via the portal (just shifting the problem and reducing the quality of service?)

Have been using and recomending PN for years now, and over the last 18 months am finding harder and harder to recomend them to anyone, I have one account with PN that I will be moving in the near future (my home account) and another (work) that is still within its 12 month contract once this is over I will be looking elsewhere again, anyone have any suggestions?

Plus.Net Brilliant when they get it right, Useless when they dont. Shame they never seem to get it right anymore!!!!

Support Queue times > 30 Mins, CSC Appears Half Empty

My LLU connection was down since 5pm - I tried calling 3 times and eventually waited for about 30 mins to get through.

Support Queue times > 30 Mins, CSC Appears Half Empty


I too have been a happy PN broadband customer for 3 1/2 years, but my recent experience with a house move has shaken my loyalty. The customer support isn't adequate, I must have spent about 3 hours holding on the phone in total because support tickets were not being updated. But then, as they say, you only get what you pay for - or not - as the case may be. Unfortunately, the first victim of price cutting is the customer service, personally I'd be happy to pay more and get better customer service. If my house move reconnection hadn't been sorted out by today I was going to move to Nildram. They're one of the highest rated ISPs for customer service and speed - but the comparable product to my 2M PN would cost about £5 per month more. is a good place to look for comparing ISPs.

BTW, when I say my house move is sorted out, I mean it's nearly sorted out. I only found out that my reconnection order had been placed because Nildram's availability checker told me so. PN's order status tracker is still stuck in "incompatible product on line" even though I'm now reconnected. Plus, for some unknown reason, I got reconnected at 1M when the line is easily capable of 2M - so I'm still waiting for the problem to be fully resolved...