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Sudden connectivity problem


Sudden connectivity problem

On ADSL using a Mac (OS 10.3.3) I have in the last few days been confronted with the following problem. When attempting to launch a web page (using any one of 3 browsers) I get the following screen headed by a BT logo:

"You have been connected to this page due to one of the reasons listed below. You must now shut down your browser and Internet applications before attempting to reconnect. 
• You are testing your local connection to BT using 'bt_test_user@startup_domain' 
• You are testing your connection to your Service Provider using 'bt_test_user@domain' where domain is your Service Provider domain name. 
• Your Service Provider RADIUS server is currently out of service and you have been temporarily connected to this page - please contact your Service Provider for information or wait until service is resumed. 
• Your Service has been barred by your Service Provider - please contact your Service Provider for information. 
• You have attempted to access an invalid Service Provider domain. 
• The access circuit to your Service Provider is currently down. Your Service should be resumed soon.
 This window will close automatically in two minutes time."

I have made no recent major changes to my setup, and attempting to connect with another machine produces the same result - which occurs in roughly 8 attempts out of 10 to launch a web site. Thus it has taken me quite a while to get to send this enquiry. Usenet and e-mail still appear to function normally.
Any ideas please?
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Sudden connectivity problem

I just got the same thing (21:00 for at least 45 minutes on 27th March)

What's most strange is that one computer on my network (the one I'm using to enter this) is working perfectly. The other computer in use is connected to my router via wireless, and is getting the BT web page just as you describe.

After closing its browser and re-opening, it gets the correct web page, but after a short while, when a web page is requested, it reverts back to getting the BT page.

So, simultaneously, one computer is completely OK, and the other gets the BT page - on the same network, using the same ADSL connection with the same public IP address to the same Service Provider.

The computer that's OK is a PC with Windows 2000, wired connection to Belkin F5D7630 router, Browsers are Mozilla Firefox and IE 6.1.

The computer that gets the BT Page is Windows 98SE, wireless connection to the same Belkin Router, Internet Explorer 6.1.

There's one other difference - the PC that's OK has an MTU set to 1063 (I set it low to solve a different problem -- I know it's sub-optimal), whilst the PC that is getting the BT page has the default MTU size (1500). (There's some discussions on MTU size in this forum).

I'm connected through the Wolston exchange (east of Coventry).

If it wasn't actually happening, I wouldn't have believed it.

Can I join with greenhayes in asking: Any ideas, please?

Sudden connectivity problem

I solved the problem by the simple expedient of turning the router off and on again. PlusNet Support picked up (via a constant Google trawl on the PlusNet name) a duplicate of the query that I raised on a UK Mac newsgroup. The answer they gave there was:

'Rebooting the router will resolve this problem in a significant number of
cases. What's usually happened is that the router has disconnected for
some reason, could be maintenance work at the exchange or something on the line such as a faulty filter or unfiltered device, but either doesn't
recognise the line has dropped or has a problem reconnecting. A reboot
then gets it to retry connecting and it works.'
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Sudden connectivity problem


This forum isn't one that we always check, so sometimes posts do get missed.
As I said in the Mac newsgroup the main reason that you see this BT page is because your connection to ourselves has dropped although your line is in sync.
In reply to js2js, looking at your connection logs the connection is dropping regularly every 10 minutes. I'd recommend checking for an idle timelimit setting that is causing the disconnection.
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Sudden connectivity problem

Dave, Thanks for pointing out the 10-minute connection-dropping on my line. I had left the router set to its default 5 minutes idle time. I've now changed it to 120 minutes, and it doesn't seem to be dropping the connection every 10 minutes any more. I think this will be better all round.

But it still seems strange that the one computer was consistently connecting perfectly whilst at precisely the same time the other computer was consistently getting the BT 'interrupt' page -- both through the same router.

Last night I did reduce the MTU on the affected computer, and it did stop happening. I will put it back up to 1500 when I have time, on the basis that the underlying problem was connected with my router's timeouts.

Thanks again for the reply.