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Streaming - or not as the case may be...


Streaming - or not as the case may be...

This is terrible...

Why is it that at 03:27, when I would have thought network utilization both internally and externally (well at least UK and Europe) would be at it's lowest, I still can't receive streamed content either radio or a/v without break-up every few seconds?!!!!

This is something that broadband [ADSL] is supposed to offer me. The connection is instead incredibly 'bursty'. It seems to me that what little bandwidth I am getting is being artificially constrained. ConspiracyHuh!!

Answers on a postcard please - the inevitable packet loss may garble your elecronic responses... ;-)


RE: Streaming - or not as the case may be...

My ADSL is 100% fine, i can get 30kb up/60kb down 24/7 i have streaming music on about 10-15hours per day and it never messes up.

Try a different online radio station?

RE: Streaming - or not as the case may be...

I'm seeing a similar problem on many of the streaming sites I've visited since my connection went live earlier today. I was particularly looking forward to watching the first live baseball game from, but although the audio is fine, I'm getting approx 1 frame/sec video. Unwatchable!RealOne player tells me that my average connection speed is 76Kbps.

Other sites produce the same results: (using Media Player)

It seems that anything encoded at up to 100kbps is fine; anything over this has problems.

I'm hoping that this 'fat pipe' solution is going to address these issues. My cable modem definitely did NOT have this problem!