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Strange Max


Strange Max

This is the first day that I am upgraded to "up to 8Mb". Exciting, I thought, but things are strange - unexpected at least and confusing.

My connection icon says that I am connected at 7.6 Mbps. I am, however, only getting around 2 Mbps actual download speeds, exactly the same as before.

I checked my line with the BT Broadband checker and it says that I should be able to get up to 8 Mbps, whereas the Plusnet highspeed test quotes 2 Mbps.

Am I missing something?


Strange Max

You'll stay at 2 mb/s for the first three days at least. On M<ax you get a BRAS profile, which limits your sync speed.
If you are syncing at 7.6 mb/s and can keep at that kind of speed for 3 days, that will be your BRAS profile. One low sync and your speed is dropped.

If you are still held ay 2 mb after 10 days, asl CS to raise a fault about a stuck BRAS profile.
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Strange Max

4 weeks and im still stuck on 500kb bras profile

connecting at 1.4-1.6mb everyday for last 3-4 weeks

raised ticket, they just tell me to reconnect once a day for 3 days. which i have been doing

wtf is up, ahh and alos my SNR is 15 which is quite high isnt it

Strange Max

Your SNR is high, unless you can hit your exchange by throwing a stone from your garden.

If you've been syncing all the time at above 1152 kb/s, never a single resync below that, then you should report a stuck BRAS profile.

But with an SNR that high, assuming your not a few hundred yards from your exchange, it's probably that high because you had a lot of instability in the past. If you have one low resync your BRAS rate will drop and it takes 3 days of continuously syncing above 1152 kb/s for you to get a 1 MB BRAS.

If you've held a connection above that speed all the time, you need to raise a ticket.