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Still 'MinusNet'


Still 'MinusNet'

More problems!!!! will this ever work properlyHuh
ADSL has not been working for FOUR hours and 20 minutes now. Good job the new pipes been fitted! lol.
My Problems so far:

1/ Initial sign up got stuck in your system.
(finally got going after 20 Days)
2/ Charged twice for my first month. Two different amounts!
3/ ADSL was slow and unreliable for 7 days approx. The new pipe will fix that (I was told) lol.
4/ ADSL was fantastic for about one day and has been off for 4 hours and 20 mins so far!! Carn't even send an email out. The only reason I can do this is because I dusted off my elsa 56k modem and plugged it all back in. No worries now!!!

Question is> should i refer freinds, family and work colleuges to this serviceHuh Tricky one that!!!NOT.........

RE: Still 'MinusNet'

My referals !!! my ar*e.

This is the 20th time this month I have been with out a connection for long periods of time. I was also told don't worry the 155mb pipe will fix it.... Well we'll have to wait and see.

I only rebooted as my ping times were so poor.. I mean 894ms to the As soon as it got of the network it was fine. Still waiting to hear.