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Static IP addresses


Static IP addresses

Hi all...

Seem to have enabled static IP by mistake (a new icon appeared in My Connections and I clicked on it - doh !).

Anyone know how to disable it 'cos I can't find any way of doing so ?


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RE: Static IP addresses

there's no way of diabling it on ADSL, i was told.
i had to buy a domain to get rid of my ip address resolving to my real name :\

RE: Static IP addresses

Nuts !!!

I guess it doesn't matter too much, but I'd better make sure ZoneAlarm is working properly.

Seems strange that the PlusNet page says...

"Please note: If you Deactivate your static IP , it is unlikely that you would get assigned the same address when you re-activate. Having the same IP address each time you connect may expose you to security vulnerabilities and we recommend that you only assign yourself a Static IP if you have reason for doing so, or install Firewall software such as ZoneAlarm."

... though if you can't disable it.

Anyone from PlusNet know if this is possible ?