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Starting again


Starting again


Since getting MaxADSL I have changed from a USB modem to a router and installed an NTE5 faceplate. I did all this about a month after having MaxADSL.

Is it possible to start the 10 day training period again? I'm sure I'll get better results now. I seem to be stuck at about 2.3mbps synch at the moment.

Also, do I actually need to start over or can the synch go up anyway?

Thank you

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Starting again

You can't restart the 10 day trial and you don't need to.

The trial was just to determin MSR (maximum statble rate) which is generally the best sync rate at which your line stays pretty much eror free. The MSR does not determin that sync speed you will always get as that is determined automatically exch time you connect. So with your new setup, over time, your sync rate should improve IF you line conditions have improved since the upgrades.

There is however a problem with BT not increasing the sync rate even though the line may support it reliably. I and many others are in this situation with no means to force the exchange to try a higher sync rate so you may be in the same situation. If you are and nothing has improved after 7 or so days, you need to raise a ticket.

What are you line stats at the moment as that will determin what speeds you should get.
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Starting again

Are you sure that's correct as the Zen forums appear to state that you can.
but with difficulty

Starting again

I'm at work now, but from what I remember I synch at 2316kbps and my SNR is 17db.

I'll double check as soon as I get home.