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Stale Telnet/VNC sessions

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Stale Telnet/VNC sessions

I have access on a game server via Telnet and RealVNC and I am finding that after about a 1 hour too 2 hours the Telnet/VNC session is going stale. This has become more obvious this last 2-3 weeks as I now mainly use VNC to admin the server. Where before it was mainly via Telnet and I had put it down to a buggy client, namely Putty.

But I have been using RealVNC for the last 3 months now and the previous months this wasn't happening.

So I'm trying to see if it could be an issue with my routing via +Net or my routers setup. I had recently changed the MTU and Rwin back to the defaults to check if that was the cause of my speed issues, which it was.

So before I start a round of MTU/Rwin tweaking again, any ideas suggestions on this?

Current routers MTU 1492
Nics MTU 1492 / Rwin 12888
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