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Stale Sessions?

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Registered: 28-08-2007

Stale Sessions?

Nothing to do with a boring night on the town, but tonight for the first time ever, i seem to be having stale sessions every 10-15 mins or so, no matter what gateway i'm on, i have to reboot periodically.

I'm normally on ptn-ag2 as this is the only one where i can get any sort of service that i'd expect from a 2MB line, but its rarely happened before, and never on this sort of frequency. Any ideas/theories?

Stale Sessions?

BT doing work on you VP at your exchange perhaps?

I know that in the past I have only ever been unfortunate enough to experience a stale session twice before and on each occassion had to remain disconnected from my line for an hour.

Keep an eye on the sync light and see if it starts flashing you perhaps...