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Stable rate dropped to 500k :(

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Stable rate dropped to 500k :(

So I'm on the net yesterday thinking its quite slow today... ah well must be one of those things !! :?

Today it's slow again so I start checking around and "WHAM !" I find my stable rate has dropped from its usual 4.5 - 5mb to 500k. :shock:

Have not changes anything for ages !! so have no idea how the hell my machine connected that low, I know I have to wait 3 days and see if it goes back up... blah blah blah, just wondered if anybody else had this happen over the past few days ?Huh

Stable rate dropped to 500k :(

yep same here on saturday

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Stable rate dropped to 500k :(

think yourself lucky man - i'm locked at 128k
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Plusnet Staff
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Stable rate dropped to 500k :(


I've been seeing a few more of these over the last few days than for a while. My suspicion is the weather; the cold and the rain and snow don't mix well with copper wiring. There were quite a few reports when we had the last lot of snow of dropping sync and thus reduced BRAS profiles then as the weather warmed a bit they went away.

A lot of the ones I've seen in the last couple of days have dropped overnight, first led me to thinking it could be Sky boxes calling home, but I think the fact that it's when it's the coldest that's more likely to be the cause.

So long as the line remains stable then the throughput rate will automatically go back up after 3-5 days but it can't hurt to double check everything connected to the line and make sure it's all correctly set up and that something hasn't been unplugged/plugged in in error or the cat's bitten through the cabling or anything like that.