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Speedtouch 510v4 Router


Speedtouch 510v4 Router

Just in case anyone was like me and waiting for a fully UPnP router for ADSL so that Messenger and Netmeeting file sharing etc would work...

I have got and installed the Speedtouch 510v4. It is fully UPnP enabled, and the UPnP feature is recognised and shown as an item in Network Connections in XP.

All seems very well initially. Very easy to setup (mostly automated). I haven't had a chance to try the deeper aspects of Messenger and Netmeeting yet but I can recommend the router.
It's silent in operation, doesn't get too hot, has a 4 port switch built in and even looks unusually good for a router! The indicator LED's are on the top and are therefore invisible when installed on a shelf or in a rack which is ashame but hardly a major problem.

I purchased from

they actually have humans there on a phone which is rare! Very helpful and delivery next day. Can't say anything against them. Router and 2 filters for £165 inc VAT. I have read in these pages some people wondering if they supply to non BTOW customers... it seems they do!

Hope this is of some use....