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Speedtouch 330 on Mac OS X Tiger


Speedtouch 330 on Mac OS X Tiger

I have just downloaded the new Speedtouch 330 (USB) driver for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Although the software installs properly I'm not getting connected ("modem script error"):

Sat Jul 2 00:09:41 2005 : Starting link
Sat Jul 2 00:09:42 2005 : Version 2.1
Sat Jul 2 00:09:42 2005 : CCLWrite : AT\13
Sat Jul 2 00:09:42 2005 : CCLMatched : OK\13\10
Sat Jul 2 00:09:42 2005 : CCLWrite : ATI4\13
Sat Jul 2 00:09:45 2005 : CCLWrite : AT&F1E0W2S95=45S0=0&D3S7=120\13
Sat Jul 2 00:09:46 2005 : CCLMatched : ERROR\13\10
Sat Jul 2 00:09:46 2005 : CCLWrite : AT&F\13
Sat Jul 2 00:09:47 2005 : Connect script failed

Any suggestion what can be wrong?


Mac OS X

This is not an answer to your query, but a request for your help. I have just purchased Tiger and am failing to get onto Plusnet Broadband using Airport Express. Any suggestions?
Mo :?

What modem are you using?

To the best of my knowledge Airport Express by itself is not sufficient to get onto Internet. You need a cable or DSL modem to make the Internet connection and connect Airport Express to the modem (either through Ethernet cable of wirelessly-see also the general info on Airport Express on the Apple website: I would suggest you connect and test the modem first (if possible with cable) before you embark on using the wireless Airport Express.
I have also used a Netgear DG834GT (4 Ethernet connections + wireless) and that configured itself effortlessly to Plusnet.


PS Perhaps it is better to post your question by itself. That ill prevent others mixing your and my question up.