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Speedstream 3060 modem - help please.


Speedstream 3060 modem - help please.


The error i am getting is 'no peer detected' the drivers that came with it were not for windowsxp i am using these
It could be that the filters i am using are duff or i have set it up wrong.

I am getting 2 new filters and a frog hopefully tommorow will know for sure then.

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Speedstream 3060 modem - help please.

Hi, I have the same modem running on winXP. I installed the drivers (3.4.6) in safemode where it installed without any problems. My motherboard is an ECS D6VAA.

Now my mate has a Supermicro X5DA8 and is having the same problems as you. So it may be a mobo specific problem. Sad

Speedstream 3060 modem - help please.

I think it justs a shite modem not designed for windowsxp, plusnets modem arrived this morning and is perfect although poor speed results (55/30) so ill buy a router Smiley I think my motherboard is a gigabyte, forgot!

Back on ebay it goes with a warning for winxp users.