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Speeds over a 24 hour period


Speeds over a 24 hour period

Midnight - 8am, my p2p and VPN stuff runs at full speed (obviously sources permitting)
8am - 4pm, everything seems to drop dramatically down to about 1/4 speed
4pm - midnight, dont bother, HTTP only!

OK, I understand 4pm-midnight and I actually stop all p2p from 4pm to midnight to be a good boy (although VPN might continue for a bit). But from 8am till 4pm, what's the problem?!?!??!

Ah, exchange VP red!

OK, so I did a bit of digging which I should have done first, and my exchange is showing VP's as beind red, and has done for a few weeks.

No point raising it with PN or BT, but as there have been several fix dates which have passed and it's still showing red, any ideas as to how long these things normally take, etc?