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Speed throttled

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Registered: 09-08-2007

Speed throttled

Since Friday evening my broadband has been down and unable to connect. Had various discussions with customer service over the weekend but couldn’t find a problem with the line. This evening got back from work, rebooted the computer and up came my connection Cheesy + the bonus is that my connection speed is now showing 2.2MB instead of 0.5MB.
This is great I thought and maybe the reason that my line was down was BT working on the exchange. However did a speed test and this reported no better than before with the 0.5MB Sad .

Having read some of the posts here about the line being throttled I gave Pn CS another ring to tell them that I no longer had the problem with being unable to connect and to ask them to unthrottle the line (as it seems some other have done?)
Anyway CS told me that, yes the line is being throttled and that it will not be unthrottled until everyone has been upgraded, which could be weeks / Months…

Can anyone else confirm if their line has been unthrottled or if they have been told the same as me.


Speed throttled

dunno if you saw my previous post but i had the same problem as you. i thought i had sorted it as it was back up to 2mb/s , now this morning i am findig it throttled again back to 512kb/s WTF. Bloody pn, i wish they would make their minds up i am getting sick of this now.