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Speed test joy!


Speed test joy!

hi to all ,after reading everyones posts id like to say that im having a constent speed with plusnet ,just tested (1914 kb/s) down (30kb/s) up,
just like to say that its not all bad !
internet will slow when its @ peak times but never more than a few kbs here and there , so that shows u that plusnet ,can support a good 2mb line ,its just that pn use bts equipment so its up to lovely bt to keep the data flowing !
makes u wonder why u dont go with bt ??
well its cheaper @PN :lol:

Re: Speed test joy!


makes u wonder why u dont go with bt ??

Because BT are awful, and their customer service is a joke. Oh, and they're known for accident disconnecting their customers and then claiming they're not actually a customer.
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Speed test joy!

Totally agree with that Aaron, i was with BT (amongst others) for a while before i found the joys of plusnet Wink

never again would i go anywhere near BT they care more about there profit than they do the people who make that profit for them

Great to see a positive post andibailey glad your happy with your lot Cheesy