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Speed question / issue


Speed question / issue

I've been experiencing some slow downs recently. I am connected via the ptn-ag1 gw-2 gateways. I am sure its not my equipment as the results from the plusnet speed test are below. You can see the speeds vary sometimes going to 481 which I think is normal, and down to low 400's.

My exchange (POLLOK) shows no capacity issues, and I am on the 20:1 512k connection.

Are there any explanations ? The only ones I can think of are that its a plusnet capacity issue or contention at the exchange (which is showing green).
It also makes me wonder if it would be better to move to the 50:1 1M line, as I presume internal to plusnet there is no difference whether you are on a 20:1 or 50:1 connection.

Thanks for any help

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
13-10-2004 11:36:00 468.9
12-10-2004 21:31:50 375.6 * possible skew to webpage loading
12-10-2004 21:30:32 412.6
12-10-2004 21:29:57 374.8 * possible skew to webpage loading
12-10-2004 21:25:49 434.1
11-10-2004 22:06:21 478.6
11-10-2004 22:05:44 448.5
11-10-2004 22:03:52 415.5
11-10-2004 22:03:22 458.9
11-10-2004 22:02:01 481.4
11-10-2004 22:00:02 461.5
11-10-2004 21:57:38 461.2
11-10-2004 21:51:44 483.5
11-10-2004 21:47:10 481.5
11-10-2004 21:43:58 449.3
29-09-2004 20:35:18 486.6

Speed question / issue

Firstly the 20:1 and 50:1 values refer to contention not connection, and I would stay on 20:1 it's better. Basically 50:1 means you can share your connection at the exchange with upto 50 others, where as 20, is only 20 people. I'm sure there is a more accurate description of it.

Your speeds on the whole don't seem to bad for a 512 connection, you can't achive a full 512. So I'm not sure why you feel you have a problem?
Also bear in mind that the speed is also dependant on the site location and internet traffic, and how much your downloading and how many connections are taking place i.e. e-mail, anti-virus updates etc.

Speed question / issue

typo meant contention. :lol:

Those are plusnet speed tests (from the plusnet portal, connections settings, speed test), so they are all from one website, one location -- plusnet's own.

And you can see the speed varies quite considerably over short periods of times. It does affect downloads which can go from 38K to 58K.

I don't really think thats suitable for a 512K connection though.
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Speed question / issue

All ADSL connections will vary in speed at different times of the day due to contension, weather and a number of other factors. Also download speeds have even more to effect it, including how fast the server supplying the data can send data out due to having lots of connections. and general congestion on the internet.

Plusnet (or more accurately BT) have an on-going load balancing issue which can cause some BT central pipes (that we all connect through) to be more congested than they should be which will also effect ping and transfer speeds.