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Speed problems :(


Speed problems :(

Hi Iive just got a 1 meg line but i have a problem my download speed is terrable even when im downloadin off top servers it stil downloads at 16k a sec when it should be over a hundred. I dont understand what is going on ive ran speed tests and the results were not good one time i tested and the results turned out to be 0kbps a secSad . Can eny please help me sort this problem Smiley

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Speed problems :(

The first steps you should take are to following the Troubleshooting tutorial provided in the Tutorial and FAQ forum.

If this does not help, my advice would be to raise a ticket with PlusNet asking for a Woosh test to be performed. Note specificly that you do not wish any fault report logged with BT.

When you have received the results, you should post them here (minus CS agents name).

some results from traceroute

Traceroute Results: View Traceroutes
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 05:30 to 06:04
Traceroute Duration: 34 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: huyton
Problem: Permanently Slow Data Transfer (Everything is slow)
Duration of Problem: Since installation
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 65 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 104 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 84.5 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 1mb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: 10380903
Additional Information: the fact that im paying for a service i cant use properly.

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Speed problems :(

Have you checked your exchange on THIS page.

If it shows as Amber or Red, this is a known problem, and there is little that can be done other than waiting for the ETA date.

Speed problems :(

It's showing as Green.

Speed problems :(

Hmm, I will get back to this one.

I have read somthing within the past 48 hours regarding the Huyton exchange, that would give you some possible indication.

Time to go reading and history surfing I think.

Speed problems :(

Five ins later, and I found it.

BT have some schedualed engineering works on the Huyton exchange. This could possibly be to fix problems seen.


On the 27/01/2004 00:00 to 03/02/2004 06:00 with a 15 minutes outage within this period :-


thx acarr m8 for findin out for me i shore hope that is the problem and when theyve finished there work everythink should be ok again i hope.

Speed problems :(

Just another note.

BT released another set of data regarding exchange problems only yesterday, which I am in the process of compiling and testing for the checker now.

I checked Huyton manualy and it still shows green.

You best bet here is to wait for these upgrades to be made by BT, and if still having problems, contact PlusNet using the ticketing system ASAP.

one more thing

When im playing online i have a fast ping but a slow download ,speed this confuses me.

any got any ideas of whats goin on beacause i forgot to tell you all about this.

Speed problems :(

I have a speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem could this be the problem to my cause beacause my friend said it could be?.

what do you think please reply back thxSmiley