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Speed problems since 1/5/06 - router advise/help!!!!!!!

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Speed problems since 1/5/06 - router advise/help!!!!!!!

It is now the 26th July, and I have had download speed problem since 1/5/06. (MaxDSL date)

Back and forth between PN and myself since 21/5/05 then at the beginning of July -

BT engineer came - found a fault.
Another Openworld BT engineer came out the next day - could not find a fault - said I had a good line between master socket and exchange? (My wife who is a good judge of these things - said that she felt he "was not thorough !!!!!)
Still had the problem - slow speed.
PN - ask BT to to re-visit.
BT called again - found a fault - dug up the road on 17/7/06- replaced some cabling etc. said everything should be fine.
That was a week and half ago - still have the speed problems.

My stable rate during this time has been up and down like the preverbial undergarments. It did go to 2500, it was 5000 3 weeks ago, it is now 500. My download speed is about 480, having hit 1800ish for about a week then dropping back.

Now in order to check every avenue, before PN get back to me (last contact 21/7/06 - when they asked BT to look again) I would like some advise on whether I am using my router correctly.

I have a Netgear DG834 v2 which comes through a NTE-2005 Master face plate - all cabling to PC renewed etc.

1) Does rebooting the router then effect the stable rate etc?
2) Should I leave my router alone and just let it sync to its own accord?
3) Is MTU of 1492 the best value to have?
4) Is there any other router specific advise any one has got that has worked during this MAxdsl fiasco? (which I blame on BT not PN) Aside from the PN Broadband "help" guides.

Thanks you for your help.

Moving to another ISP is an option I have considered - (see other posts), but I am not sure this would solve the problem - have thought about moving to BT. But PN do seem to be trying to resolve the problem - albeit very slowly. But I supposed with losing emails and sending 20,000 email addresses to 3500 users (see The register headlines) they seem to be very busy at the moment - Perhaps I should look more deeply into moving ISP'S !!!!!!!
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Speed problems since 1/5/06 - router advise/help!!!!!!!

Can't offer any help but to say I've got this router and it works fine, my MTU is set to 1458 though (the default?).

Some posters have also recommended ensuring the firmware is up to date, the latest is V3.01.25.

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Speed problems since 1/5/06 - router advise/help!!!!!!!

I have the NETGEAR DG834GT and currently have upload speeds exceeding download speeds !! :shock:

Upload : 160kbps
Download : 157kbps

I've gone through the automated broadband fault finder thing and hit upon the speedtest thing, which guess what - doesn't seem to work Evil

The speedtest on has confirmed download speeds less than 150kbps. Feel like I'm on MinDSL :roll: