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Speed problems on a new line


Speed problems on a new line

Filled in the support form, don't quite understand whats going wrong I just know that a 1MB line should managed more than 300K.

Traceroute Results: View Traceroutes
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 19:24 to 19:34
Traceroute Duration: 10 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: CUDWORTH
Problem: Permanently Slow Data Transfer (Everything is slow)
Duration of Problem: Since installation
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 277.1 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 305.7 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 291.4 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 1mb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: None
Additional Information: BT Engineer stated \"On the limit\" what-ever that means?

Router D-Link DSL-604+

Router Stats:-

Link Speed- Upstream: 288 DownStream:1152
SNR - UpStream:14.0dB DownStream: 23.0dB
ATEN - UpStream:19dB DownStream: 45dB

Line Errors ADSL Layer:-
CRC - UpStream: 0 DownStream: 58

ATM Layer-
HEC - UpStream: 0 DownStream: 32

Frame Counter- UpStream: 56803 DownStream: 74532