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Speed has went up my end by hell of alot


Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

I came here around 11pm, took me 1 hour to actually get to these forums.
My connection was like a 16 K modem. or worse.

I couldnt do anything.

Now my speed result is:

Broadband Speed Test Results

Results from your most recent broadband speed test recorded on 03 November 2002 at 01:16:32.

Your Connection

Direction Actual Speed True Speed
Downstream 449 Kbps (56.1 KB/sec) 516 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 239 Kbps (29.9 KB/sec) 274 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Very strange. im happy, but strange.
so everything has rolled back to what it was now then?.

So much for the statement of Bob's, about PlusNet going to be faster and better than any other network out there.
You have rolled back to fix this, so it's really no different to what it was before it was messed up.

Happy.. but also dissapointed.

RE: Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

Dont't get me wrong. i was very angry when i came here tonight.

And i don't normally get angry @ PlusNet.

But this was heading into day 3. i had things planned, all of now have been ruined.

Im glad to have a connection again, im just pointing put that the connection i have now, is no better than the connection i had before it was messed up.

So it was all pointless.

Well atleast there are people here and engineers up all night.. so i won't have a problem having a web chat on the forum.. better than nothing Smiley

RE: Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

Hiya Jason

Just a thought in case we lose it again!

How many free trial AOL discs have you lying around?

If only I thought of it 2 days ago, took a kid to say mum try this!

Any port in a storm & I have plenty of free hours to go just incase.


RE: Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

Hiya Tina Smiley

Yes i have loads of AOL discs here LOL.
but i have already had two free trials already.

When i had my standard PlusNet dialup back b4 April, and also last year 2001.

Thing is when you try to sign up you have to enter your credit card number, i did this the second time around and it told me it was blocked,
i phoned AOL up (they have irish operators)
i explained, i was told it was because i had an account with them before, so they unblocked the number and i signed up again.

Took the free trial and even stayed with them a few months until i got ADSL.. as they give you loads of dialup numbers, so you don't have to worry about getting a connection or worry about how many hours you are connected, because unlike PlusNet at the time, they don't count the hours you are on. PlusNet still do this for dialup.

Aol don't care. anyway i canceled as i had got ADSL in APRIL. so Tina if i were to try sign up again, this same thing will happen.
I only have 1 CC number.

AOL is quite good.. lots there to pass the time.
but their broadband was £50 per month.. way too much!.

But ordinary dialup is good there.
as they don't count the hours you're online.
Plus as before you get loads of access numbers.

So are you on AOL now then?
don't blame you, if i had another CC number to use,
i'd probably join you for the free trial.
it would pass the time while PlusNet get things all sorted. :bounce:

RE: Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

I have been with them before so I cheated & signed up with my married daughters name & card. Shame their broadband is so expensive,I was pleased with their service & a freephone helpline that gets answered is a plus, only left them for cost reasons!

Let's just hope that for everyone elses sake they stop messing with upgrades.

RE: Speed has went up my end by hell of alot

Ahh so thats how you got on Wink

You know Tina, i have been on PlusNet dialup since October 2000, but as you know they monitor the hours you use on dialup and send you threats etc if you go over so many hours..

So i didn't know about AOL not caring at this time, and i signed up for one of the PlusNet Always On Dialups.. cost me £99 a month to have a port all to myself, and no quibbles about how long i used it for.

But it didn't work properly, i was getting disconnected all the time, i reported it to them. and it was sent to BT etc.. just like some of the stuff here on adsl.

It took a while to get a response.. so i phoned up and canelled it. i only had it the one month.

It was just after this i Got a AOL disc and was tempted.. and i was glad b/c i got a 24/7 connection for £15 .. the same connection i was paying PlusNet £99 for.

Pity i didn't know AOL didn't care how long you stayed connected b4 i signed up to PlusNet always on.

Could have saved alot of money.. and PlusNet although i had a port all to myself.. it kept cutting off.. so that was a con too.

I have AOL messenger on this i think.
my old screen name is same as my name: JasonDolan
so might give that a try one day.. when everything is back to normal.