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Speed caps comming off late


Speed caps comming off late

I dont know if anybody else whos passed the 15gb mark has noticed this but

4pm - Speed restriction kicks in on time as expected

12am - speed cap still on

12:30am - yep still on

12:45am - whoa its off.

am i right in thinking its either late comming off or your advertising should say 4pm -1am?

either way the policy on peak time speed restrictions when > 15Gb is false information.

just to prove im not totally crazy Tongue heres some speed tests

all tests were done in 10ish minute intervals, thos odd ones, the first is due to the portal not loading and the others are due to the modem resyncing.

Nothing at all was open apart from this page and my router status page

Speed caps comming off late

I think its due to the fact that they can not script / program at all so do it all by hand, and clearly at midnight they dont really care about customer service (and if you look at the levels at 4pmish where it should be high and its not.. think how bad it is when they dont care)

So yea basicaly your at the mercy of some monkey ticking a box / setting a setting on your account.