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Speed & Disconnection Issues


Speed & Disconnection Issues

To-day, all day, the service has bombed. Transfer speeds have been all over the place but more to the point the initial connection to various pages/sites has aggravated the situation far more than the speed data below would indicate. Transfer speeds only cover the time after the initial contact with the site has been established. I upgraded to1Mb on 11-10-04 and initially had good service. Since then it's anything but consistent. Yes I hear the problems that plusnet are having with the upstream BT service but that is not something that I will not take into account. Plusnet need to sort those issues out : they get my money so they need to earn it. The speeds indicated below flatter to decieve. The wait times to actually initiate the transfer need Plusnet's immediate attention!

Previous speed test results:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
28-11-2004 22:07:27 842.4
28-11-2004 22:07:00 939.3
28-11-2004 22:05:23 800.9
28-11-2004 22:04:43 858.9
28-11-2004 17:31:21 704.2
28-11-2004 17:30:56 0
03-11-2004 20:15:23 222.1
13-10-2004 08:32:04 950.4
11-10-2004 14:42:20 946.5
11-10-2004 14:41:05 943.9
10-10-2004 12:52:58 478.7

connecting from Preston on a previously rapid connection...

Tom B

Speed & Disconnection Issues


Have you tried updating your virus definitions and doing a full system scan? Please have a read through which can give you some ideas on how to solve speed problems, if the speed problems still persist please fill in the form at the bottom and paste it in a "Contact Us" ticket and we will look into this for you.