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Speed Test


Speed Test

Folks just done aspeed test on here and got 0 for the first few over the last few days tday used speed test on here and got this 255.32 mbps. but then got 0 again when done again

did speed test on adsl test page and got this

upstream 376.0 kbps

down stream 1,832.9 kbps

what would i get if i am being upgraded i see it will take ten days to sort the speed out but any idea at all
my line says i can have between 6 mg to 8 mg
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Speed Test

With a 376 upload you have been upgraded,it's now down to waiting for bt to decide your stable rate and tell Plusnet.

speed test

Would be nice to think i have had an upgrade but no email to inform me that its been done :?
So if its been done I hope I will have a trouble free 10 days and see what speed I get at the end , fingers crossed for me folks