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Speed Not What I Expected


Speed Not What I Expected

After my internet connection was restored, I was extremely pleased, but I have one issue with the speed I'm connecting at.

My router informs me that I am only connecting at 1152kbps, whereas with my previous ISP where I only used 512kbps, I was always connected at 2278kbps. This surely means that my line supports a 2Mb connection, so why have I only got 1Mb?

I've tried using the master socket, and tried my old USB modem, but the problem remains.

Should I contact BT about this? I don't want to end up paying admin charges if it was my fault all along.

Thanks for your help.

Speed Not What I Expected

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Just to clarify. I take it you migrated to Plus Net from a previous ISP.

If what I am reading is correct your line, with the previous ISP was provisioned at 2mb but throttled to 512.

i would assume that you should have migrated over on 2mb, but that may be wrong.

i would give support a ring on 0845 1400200 and explain the situation. there may have been a mix up of some sort here.

Speed Not What I Expected

Well, the problem was that the old ISP wouldn't pass on the MAC so I had to have them disconnect me, then PlusNet to reconnect me. I think thats why the exhange speed changed.

Speed Not What I Expected

Could be that you have been moved to a different physical patch through the exchange, this alternative connection may suffer a lower quality line.
Also now that MaxDSL has been implemented in a lot of places, the policy has changed from put folks on the maximum *possible* speed, to put folks on the maximum *stable* speed.
Connection stability has become easier to measure and predict, so it could just be that your line was never really capable of 2Mbs anyhow.
Definately speak with CS, as they should be able to shed some light on why you have been provided at the speed that you have.