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Solwise USB ADSL Modem - Working with Win XP?


Solwise USB ADSL Modem - Working with Win XP?

I got my activation last Friday and connected to ADSL with my old Speedtouch USB modem. Yesterday my PlusNet Solwise SAR900 modem arrived so I thought I'd install that. I have had no success whatsoever getting this thing to install properly on a fresh build of Win XP Pro (built from scratch last week).

I first tried the drivers and instructions supplied with the modem and then drivers from the Solwise download site. I since found some newer drivers elsewhere but in all instances the installation process has hung with rasXP.exe just stuck doing nothing - no CPU, no I/O.

I have refreshed the disk image from a Ghost backup in between installs so I am not compounding one problem with another. I have also entered dialogue on the Solwise forum but nothing works. Every time I try to install, Windows moans that the drivers are not approved but I have no choice but to go ahead.

Has anyone had success installing the Solwise modem on Win XP Pro?