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Solwise SAR703


Solwise SAR703

My ADSL account has been up and running for just over a week now and is going great.

I have got a small home network in which a number of PCs with static IP addresses are connected into a single Ethernet hub. When shopping around for an ADSL router, a lot of products had a built-in switch with about 4 Ethernet ports. If you already have a hub then you are going to end up paying for extra functionality that you don't need. I then came across the SAR703 from This is a combined router/ADSL modem with only a single Ethernet port and is selling at £75 + vat + postage (works out at just over £100 in total).

Setting it up was slighly less straightforward than I had hoped. The unit can be configured via either a serial interface or a web interface. The web interface appears to be a little "iffy", but I finally got there using the serial interface. Having got it configured however, it seems to be working well and looks like a good buy for anyone with a setup like mine.

The unit also gets a decent independent review (there is a link to this from the Solwise web site).