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Solwise ADSL rooter problem


Solwise ADSL rooter problem

Hi, could somebody give me a help?
I received a Solwise ADSL router today but the attached CD was corrupted or something. I could not read anything on it either with my XP machine or 98SE machine. So I downloaded the manual and an appropriate software from Solwise website.
I followed the provided instruction and everything: putting a splitter into the telephone socket, connecting the rooter to the PC with the Ethernet cable, changing the configuration on the specified website, etc.
Now, my router's "ADSL" and "PC" lights are lit green without intermittences and I have changed the web browser and e-mail client's configration so that they use a LAN connection rather than the old dial-up connection.
In the control panel, it says my Local Area Network is connected at the speed of 100 Mbp.
But, for some reason, I can't see websites or receive e-mails at all unless I use the dial-up.
Why, why, why? Cry

There are two things which I'm not very sure:

1) I did not do anything about the "software" which I downloaded from Solwise. It is a bin file called TEImage. Am I supposed to shove this file into somewhere? Just trying to open it didn't do a didlee.

2) The configration site did not reboot my computer. Committing the changes was no problem, but after clicking on Reboot the screen just got stuck and remained still forever. So I rebooted the PC myself.

Just do not know what I'm doing wrong.
Anybody who has successfully set up the router, could you tell me how you did it?

Solwise ADSL rooter problem

First off, Solwise provide many models of router, and within these models, many variations.

Luckily, if you have a ethernet model (you have from your discription), the software CD is allmost irrelivant, unless you wish to see the manual.

Lets get through a few points you noted

1: The .bin file isn't needed. This file contains machine code, which the router operated on. This is known as firmware.

You only need to download this if you are updating the router. In your case again, you don't need to.

Solwise ship all routers with the latest firmware.

2: You say both PC and DSL lights are on, wihtout issue. This is good, however, here is what they are for.

The PC one, is to say there is a machine connected and is operating correctly, on the ethernet port. This doesn't mean the PC is configured fine, only that the router and network card, are functioning with power, and there are no apparent errors in the connection.

The DSL led is used to tell if the routers modem, is in SYNC with the modem at the BT exchange. Again, this only means that sync is complete, without error, but not that the connection with the internet is functioning.

3: I am not sure what you mean by configuration site. If you are refering to the Connection details page on +net, where you download the configuration file, here is what this does.

It configures your e-mail clinet, and web-browser to point to +net as the home page, and to download e-mail from. It also includes a backup dialup entry for your system, should ADSL fail.

There is no real need for this file, however, ti is handy to get a beginer active.

I strongly sugest re-reading the manual you downloaded, it includes a step-by-step guide to configuration of the PC and router.

Solwise ADSL rooter problem

Have you setup your PC's default gateway, dns settings and IP address for the network card as per instructions ?

If so verify that you can ping the router

If this does not make sense contact me via PM and I will try to assist further

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Solwise ADSL rooter problem

Hi Peony,

From our connection logs here you are connected to your ADSL connection. If you are having problems browsing then ensure that you have enabled "Default Route" in the quick configuration guide.

If you are still having a problem then make sure that you haven't turned off NAT by accident as this would stop all traffic being forwarded to your machine.


Solwise ADSL rooter problem

Thanks everybody...
I don't know what I have done, but it suddenly started working.
Must have overlooked something very very obvious!

Thanks a lot for helpful comments!

lovelove kisssiekissie,

Solwise ADSL rooter problem

By any chance, did it start functioning after a PC reboot?

If so, this is because the PC received new details from the router regarding the connection.

This doesn't happen, unless you reboot the PC, or force a refresh.

Solwise ADSL rooter problem

No, it actually started working at my 11th attempt of configuration though I had rebooted my PC a number of times prior to that.
I don't know what I was doing wrong at all those times but I suspect my scroll wheel was playing up to change some of the drop-down menu selections or something silly...
(Or maybe I was being plain stupid. Which I am.)

Thank you for your comment anyway! Cheesy