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Solwise 110 Router re-sets


Solwise 110 Router re-sets


We use a solwise 110 in our main office with a 1MB adsl connection. All our workers are "remote workers" and connect over the internet via VPN to our office for email etc.

The office is not always manned.

The problem is that the ADSL connection keeps dropping (roughly once or twice a week (sometimes more often) and to recover from this we need to reset / re-boot the router to re-establish a connection.

As the office is not always manned, I have to travel from Darlington to Staines (250+ Miles) to do the router re-set!!! This means that we are without email (and emails are lost) for some 4+ hours.

Is this normal? Can I configure the router to re-establish a connection if the line has droppped (for say 5 mins)? Could I possibly have a duff router?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Best Regards, Andy

Solwise 110 Router re-sets

The Sar 110 should re-connect automatically, mine does. Do you have stealth rules enabled? Plus you could always try the Solwise forum, they are very helpfull.

Solwise 110 Router re-sets

My solwise 110 doesnt always reconnect automatically either and a reset is sometimes needed.

As another solution you could setup remote access and dial into you office network via modem. Once connected you could then telnet into your sar110 and reboot it.

goto network connections
create new connection
set up an advanced connection
accept incoming connections
select your modem
allow vpn
select remote users
click tcp/ip

I dont know what all the ins and outs would be in setting this up but im sure it would be easier than driving 250 miles each time !!!