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Solwaise SAR715 router help


Solwaise SAR715 router help

I upgraded my firmware recently to version 1.22, on the advice of plusnet customer support, as I couldn't connect to ADSL. Following the upgrade I can use the router as a hub, DHCP works, and the info I get from winipcfg says that my DNS servers are and The router connects to PlusNet IP interface:

IP address my.plusnet.ip.address
Subnet mask


ATM connection:

Port name r1483 Active TRUE
Rx VPI 0 Tx VPI 0
Rx VCI 38 Tx VCI 38
Rx packets 1464 Tx packets 1500
Rx bad packets 0 Tx bad packets 0
Downstream 0 Upstream 0

PPPoA parameters:

Status enabled, up, phase=Terminate
LLC headers true
HDLC headers false
Authentication chap
Username myusername

But I cannot connect via my PC's and cannot ping the DNS servers.

Security Interfaces:
Name Type NAT

ppp-0 external

Advanced NAT Configuration... Delete Interface...
iplan internal May be configured on external or DMZ interfaces Delete Interface...

CLI tracing:

DSL> event r
DSL> dnsrelay:Socket 4 activated
dnsrelay:New DNS query [UDP]: Id 0035 From, port 1855
dnsrelay:Send to DNS server failed, error 63

I'm getting nowhere fast... can anyone help?
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Solwaise SAR715 router help

I just flashed my SAR130, and all went well except it wouldn't authorise to +Net.
Turned out the flash upgrade had wiped my ADSLusername+Password, and I had to go through the quickstart routine again.



Solwaise SAR715 router help

With both routers, the first step you perform after the flash should be to reset to factory defaults.

Most firmware is not compatible with old configuration files, some of which confuse newer firmware. THis usualy relates to hidden settings.

The reset fixes this.

I do remember the 715PV being a pain when we flashed ours.

Solwaise SAR715 router help

Well, the reason I can't resolve DNS addreses is that I'm not connected to plusnet:

PPPoA parameters:

Status enabled, up, phase=Terminate
LLC headers true
HDLC headers false
Authentication chap

I had restored to factory defauts after flashing Smiley

LCC headers should be false, i have corrected this.

When I restart the router and connect to dsl, it kindly gives me the message via telnet:
DSL connect/G.dmt/fast/ds=576k/us=288k.

However, I cannot connect to plusnet. My connection messages that flash by on my PPPoA paraments box on the web interface run like this:


When running through the test logins, the messages run like this:

"enabled,up,IPCP open,IPCP negotiating"

So I never get to the authentication phase and therefore don't connect.

On the "edit PPP" page of the web configuration, the only data I have changed from standard is

Dialout Username:
Dialout password:

On the "edit IP Interface page" I have the following options:

Ipaddr: my.plusnet.ip.addy
dhcp: false
MTU: 1500
Enabled: true

CLI dump:

DSL> ppp 1 info all

PPP 1: Channel 1 : enabled, up, phase=Terminate
PPP 1: PVC setting : port 0 vpi 0 vci 38
PPP 1: Attribute setting : /txVci=38/rxVci=38/class=UBR/port=r1483
PPP 1: Transport : IP
PPP 1: Our login protocol : CHAP
PPP 1: Our login name : packerwilliams
PPP 1: Interface : 1 (02:30:eb:c6:32:0b)
PPP 1: Interface IP :
PPP 1: MAC address : 06:30:eb:c6:32:0b
PPP 1: Phase : Terminate
PPP 1: LCP: state : ReqSent
PPP 1: LCP: local options : MRU=1500 magic=0
PPP 1: LCP: remote options : MRU=1500 magic=0
PPP 1: ECHO: : every 10 seconds
PPP 1: PAP: login as user : 'packerwilliams'
PPP 1: CHAP: login as user : 'packerwilliams'
PPP 1: IPCP: state : Starting
PPP 1: IPCP: local options : IP
PPP 1: IPCP: local options : primary DNS server=
PPP 1: IPCP: local options : secondary DNS server=
PPP 1: IPCP: remote options: IP address=
PPP 1: Transmitted : 12 bytes 2 packets
PPP 1: Received : 6 bytes 1 packets

The plusNet guy I talked to on the phone helpfully supplied the test logins, I wonder if anyone knows if that is the kind of response you would expect from them, or wether it is worth getting BT to test the line? Thanks for you replies guys, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had fun with the 715's Smiley

Solwaise SAR715 router help

You CLI output seems to have shed some clue at least Smiley


UK DSL uses a realm on the end of your username. This is used by BT to know where they shyould router your connection on there network.

As such, the format of the login is username@realm.

For PlusNet, this should be or

My advice is to remove the static IP address from the settings. The modem should negotiate this information itself at login.

Solwaise SAR715 router help

ROFL @ myself.

Yes it does ideed. I tried the test login this morning and managed to connect after a factory re-set. It kinda dawned on me then...

Thx guys Smiley