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So much for free dial up number


So much for free dial up number

When confronted with today's disaster I set up the free dial up number that we were notified about on 10th August. @it might be slow, but at least it is something at no extra cost' I thought.

But it didn't work, despite my following the instructions to the letter- username/ password knocked back.

Anybody else get this, or have an answer?

Obviously the Help Wizard was useless, and I couldn't find how to raise a ticket.

So much for free dial up number

The system that controls the access on the free number is located in the same place that the outage has happened at.

Therefore, it won't work.
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So much for free dial up number

As is clearly communicated on the service status posts the 0845 & 0808 numbers went down with the power failure as they all connect to the same equipment at Telehouse!

Should this ever happen again meaning that broadband and dial-up are down then you should use to connect, they require no signup simply dial-up with the details provided on the front page! Great should this ever happen again!

I can confirm that the 0808 number does work as I was using it the other day during an MSO at my exchange!

Also note that for the 0808 number to be activated in your account you either need to go through the broadband fault checker or contact support otherwise it won't accept your username!