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So What Happens IF?????????


So What Happens IF?????????

Although you have a BT telephone line BT don't provide your telephone services? :?

So what happens if ............

Not sure what your question actually is ! I have a BT line, and I pay Talk Talk for my calls. My Broadband service with PlusNet was unaffected when I switched to Talk Talk.
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So What Happens IF?????????

BT own the lines to your house regardless of which company you are with for calls and line rental. The outside company supply your connection and bill you for cals but they also pay bt for rental of your line.

To have a non bt line you'd need to be with either ntl:telewest or kinston telecom or manx telecom. Otherwise it's a bt line but connected to a seperate supplied pne network at the exchange.

If you have pn phone then pn pay bt for your line out of the line rental you pay pn. All calls you'd make would be routed via pn phone network but you'd still be using the bt line from your house to the exchange.

if you have a problem with the line then bt openreach are a seperate company of bt who install and fix the actually uk phone network for all phone suppliers such as bt, pn, tiscalli, pipex etc....

HOpe that helps.