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Slow speeds


Slow speeds


Binatone Modem , WinXP, East start 500:

Todays my first day with PlusNet and ive been doing some speed tests: is the fastest i got today.

Does any1 know what MTU ? RWIN settings i should try since i havent a clue?
Also, ive been trying settings that work perfect for most people (in the sticky thread on tweaking) but they didnt work..highest download speed still being about 49kb/sec...

Could there possibly be something wrong with the modem settings?


J Anjum

Slow speeds

Take the Tweak test
and post the link.
Ensure your running service pack 1 with this modem.
Are you connecting the modem via the supplied filter or
direct to phone socket ?
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Slow speeds

Also make sure any other phones are connected via the ADSL filter. This also applies to faxes, 56k modems, sky boxes and basically anything that plugs into a phone socket.

If you have any phone not using a filter, disconnect it and see if it makes any difference to your speed.

Also if you are running your ADSL modem from an extension lead or socket, try connecting direct to your master socket. This will eliminate any internal wiring problems.

Slow speeds

Also, check your exchange's status on this page.

Slow speeds


thanks for all the suggestions:

i have service pack 1 installed
all phones, modems etc are connected via a filter
the actual modem is connected directly to the master socket

tweak test:

It is pppoA isn't it? , if not, heres another one where i chose normalfor the connection:

latest speed test

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Slow speeds

Did you check your exchange as suggested by eurotrain4?

Slow speeds

You may wisht o daly checking your exchange for a few hours.

There is an update to the information that I need to collate and import.

The information is now updated. No good news in there though.

Slow speeds

The first tweak test result was very poor but this may
just be down to network traffic at the time of the test.
It's best to take many of these tests and at different
times, to get a realistic picture.
If you continuously get poor results like that, then it indicates
a problem.
Similarly, you will get different speed test results so I
would take your best results as a better indication of
your line performance.
Again if you get continuous speedtest results like that
then it idicates a problem. Try also Plusnets speedtester.
With reference to your second tweak test taking this as
a more realistic picture, then I would say that for a 512k
line, you don't really need such a huge value for RWIN
it will only slow things down further and increase packet
For an MTU of 1472 and a max latency of 276ms I would
set RWIN at 17184, this will ensure that you will be able
to have maximun download speeds at 62KB/s, with high
latency . Also turn off window scaling.
Obviously checking your exchange status is important
as mentioned previously , as no amount of tweaking
will fix VP problems.

Slow speeds

Thanks for all the replies once again:

Exchange rochdale: Current status: red

"On your exchange, the Virtual Paths (the connections between your local exchange and the rest of the world) are currently operating outside of BT Wholesale's planning guidance, although they are still performing within the products specification.

At peak times, you may notice your ADSL connection slows down significantly, or does not achieve the expected speeds at any time. BT recognise this as a serious issue and have prioritised upgrades at your exchange. If you are currently experiencing slowdowns on your connection, please ONLY contact Support if no date for an upgrade is provided here or if the date has passed."

i will try them settings that you have just mentioned aleca
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Slow speeds

Only after the upgrade date (13/02/04 in your case) are you likely to see reliable speed increases. But see how you go with the tweaks suggested.

Slow speeds

Only after the upgrade date (13/02/04 in your case) are you likely to see reliable speed increases. But see how you go with the tweaks suggested

Whats the upgrade about? does that mean that speeds will increase after it?

btw i tried those settings and heres the latest speed test result:

still not as fast as it should be (62 ish was suggested by aleca) any other advice?


Slow speeds

took "Time Stamping" off and got this:

i think im gonna mess about with it..see what happens.

Slow speeds


............still not as fast as it should be (62 ish was suggested by aleca) any other advice

What I meant was , that the Value of RWIN I suggested will
allow you to achieve top speeds even at high latency and
there would be no point in raising RWIN further.
However it still depends on what your line is actually capable of
and who your downloading from.
60KB/s is the absolute highest anyone is likely to get on the
adslguide speedtest.
If you look at the average speed results this month from adslguide
56.6 KB/s was the average from the fastest ISP.
The code red at your exchange means that there are too many users
sharing your virtual path resulting in the slowdowns.
When this is attended to you should hopefully see an improvement.
Your last speedtest is a lot better a big improvement so the tweak
did make a difference, but you should see better results when
your exchange is upgraded, if not then you should contact support.
Beats me why you turned 'time stamping' on Lol. leave that off.
Good luck.

Slow speeds

The exchange capacity page is a current snapshot, showing the RAG (Red, AMber or Green) status of each exchange on the ADSL network.

Just like your phone line carries data from you to the exchange, there are links that carry yours and others data onto the main BT network.

These are known as Virtual Paths or VP's. When these get congested, you along with others on the same VP will see a slow down.

WHen the Home 1Mb account type was introduced, BT did not account for the fact there will be a mixed account type on each VP. As a result, some exchanges are more affected more that others.

Green means that BT are not detecting any problems at your exchange (but doesn't mean there are none). Amber means that there are known problems, and they have plans to resolve it. Red means there is a larger problem where even 512 users are likely to see issues.

The fact your exchange is Red is a sign that you may not get full speed at this time. Once the ETA date has come and gone, you may see better speeds without having to change a single setting.