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Slow speeds on weekends and evenings...


Slow speeds on weekends and evenings...

Is it usual to get slower speeds on weekends and evenings? I usually get around 1900 consistently on my 2mb connection but in the evening I seem to get around 1600-1700, on weekends I sometimes get worse fdor example to day I got the following:

14-05-2005 17:34:07 1520.5
14-05-2005 17:33:44 1446.5
14-05-2005 17:32:41 1379.7

Is this perfectly normal? And should it be expected?


Slow speeds on weekends and evenings...

Not exactly "normal", but not particularly uncommon either - and quite likely to be down to BT rather than PlusNet.
For the past couple of months I'd been experiencing slow-downs, getting worse as the weeks went on - about a week ago BT finally sorted out my exchange, which had been showing red for ages, and now everything is flying irrespective of the time of day.