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Slow download speeds


Slow download speeds

Have just switched from Pipex (576bps) to Plusnet (2mb) but am still getting the same speed (576bps). Using Speedwell 330 USB ADSL modem. BT line strength OK. Is there anything I should try to increase the transfer rate?

Many thanks
Rod Carter
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Slow download speeds

Either raise a link:Contact us ticket or call Customer support (Number at the foot of every portal page)
If your line is definately showing 2mb speeds then you need to get Plusnet to take the brakes off
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Slow download speeds

After you migrate in, you then need to request a regrade in speed at a cost of £14.99.

The package is called Premier (Up to 2Mb) because you can get any speed up to 2Mb on it.

However, when you migrate in, you have to do it on a 'like for like' product. So from Pipex 512 onto Plusnet 512k.

If you wish to pay the £14.99 and upgrade to 2Mb, then this will be done in a matter of days (often overnight) and you will still pay the same monthly subscription.

Existing customers are currently getting free speed upgrades as part of a Bulk Upgrade Programme through BT. These are taking place between now and July. I'm not sure how new customers fit into this since they submitted the order to BT a couple of months ago.